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Our Services

Hair Care

Gorgeous Curls

Bridal / Updo Styles

Sleek Hair

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Nail Care

In Home Manicure & Pedicure

In Home Limited Mobility Mani/Pedi

Advanced Pedicure

On Site Mani/Pedi 

Hotel Suites, Luxury Apartments

Planning a party with 2 or more people?

Corporate Wellness

Package A

Package B


Mobile Spa Services

Where Beauty
Meets Royalty

Servicing parts of  Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs.

Chi Sports Wellness

This wellness package provides wellness services for athletes and their families before, during and after their games. 

Nail Care

Personalized nail care for individual or group settings.

 Corporate Wellness

Promote employee wellness and show your appreciation for their hard work. Treat employees to premium spa and wellbeing services.

Parallel Lines


Delivering Package

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